Verification audit Swiss Allergy Label (SAS)

Bohemia Certification s.r.o. is authorized to perform "Swiss Allergy Label" audits under the Swiss company Service Allergie Suisee SA.
The Swiss Allergy Label was launched in 2006 and now thousands of certified food products pass through the counters of wholesalers and specialty stores.
The label is registered in many countries by the "Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property" (IGE / IPI) and is therefore a protected trademark. This shows the added value of labeled products or services for people with allergies and intolerances to gluten. A strictly managed process with independent bodies controls and ensures added value.
The Swiss Allergy Label is awarded following a defined certification process carried out by three independent authorities. The product or service is first assessed by a technical committee, which determines whether it is in principle certifiable and whether it complies with the established regulations. If the result is positive, in a second step, a committee composed of health professionals decides that the product or service brings added value to the persons concerned. Compliance with the requirements is ensured in the third step by independent accredited certification bodies.
This usually occurs during the on-site production process. Once products and services are certified, they are subject to regular review. Allergy Suisse Service is entitled to carry out quality inspections in production plants at any time and without prior notice.
The Swiss Allergy Label does not mean that the product is absolutely allergen-free, but guarantees that the regulatory requirements are clearly and strictly observed.

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