Suspension, Restriction of Certification or Cancellation of Certification

Suspension, withdrawal or revocation of certification shall be considered in the following cases:
• If there is evidence that the organization will not complete the action to correct and resolve any nonconformities in the audit within the agreed timeframe;
• Non-compliance with the standard persists;
• If incorrect use or misuse of certification symbols or relevant Bohemia Certification logos is detected;
• If it is found that the organization has a certificate whose scope exceeds its ability to meet the requirements of the standard, Bohemia Certification s.r.o. reduce the scope of certification accordingly;
• The organization does not fulfill the conditions of the contract with Bohemia Certification s.r.o. including financial;
• If a product safety risk that affects the health of consumers is identified;
• The organization does not allow an unannounced audit, a proper supervisory audit or a recertification audit to be performed;
• The organization voluntarily requests the suspension or revocation of the certificate;
• The organization denigrates Bohemia Certification s.r.o. or damage its reputation
Bohemia Certification s.r.o. reserves the right to publish on its website that the organization has suspended, revoked or revoked the approval certificate. In this case, the organization is obliged to stop using this certificate and the relevant certification marks and return the original certificates to the office of Bohemia Certification s.r.o., which issued the certificate.