ISO 9001

Quality Management System (QMS)
The ISO 9001 standard specifies requirements for a quality management system. The advantage is its simplicity, versatility and applicability to various fields of business in the field of production and services.
An effectively implemented quality management system improves the company's performance, is a guarantee of quality assurance for customers and business partners.
The basic requirements are to implement, document, apply and maintain a quality management system, constantly improve it and strengthen competitiveness. The eligibility of the implemented system can be evidenced by a certificate in tenders.
The benefits of implementing and certifying a standard for an organization
• Increase competitiveness
• Introduction of order and system approach to all company activities
• Transparency of the company for the customer, owner, management and employees
• Substantial increase in the company's credibility and thus easier penetration into new markets in the EU
• Stabilization of the achieved level of quality in time and assortment of provided products
• Easier incorporation and involvement of new employees to meet the company's goals
• Controlled influencing of trends in product quality
• Creating a basis for further quality improvement and thus success in the competition
• Mutually beneficial business relationships

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