Certification Process

Evaluation of readiness for certification
The applicant for certification fills in the "Inquiry Form". Based on the above information, we will evaluate the degree of readiness of the applicant for certification and prepare a draft contract. Prior to the start of the certification process, the client's management system must be demonstrably documented, fully implemented in practice in its entirety, verified by an internal audit and reviewed by the company's management.
The certification audit is performed in two stages on the client's premises
1st level of certification audit
The auditor reviews the documentation and evaluates the state of readiness for the second stage.
2nd level of certification audit
The auditor will perform a detailed review of the system, including a production review. The result of the second stage is the verification that the implemented system complies with the requirements of the standard. The audit is performed in the normal operation of the organization, and the audit team must have access to all premises and all necessary information related to the area being audited. The audit conclusions are documented in the audit report.
Review of the certification process
Bohemia Certification s.r.o. review the certification process, including all documentation obtained during the first and second stages of the certification audit.
Issuance of a certificate
After reviewing and evaluating the certification process, we will issue a certificate valid for 3 years.
Certification logo
The certification mark is granted for use only to those organizations whose management system complies with the requirements of the relevant international standard and which have obtained a certificate and registration with a certification body. The rules for using the certification mark are passed to the organization at the same time as the certificate.
Surveillance audits
Within the 3-year cycle, two supervisory audits are performed once every 12 months. Performing a supervisory audit is a condition for maintaining the validity of the certificate. If the supervisory audit does not take place in due time, the validity of the certificate is suspended and subsequently the certificate is withdrawn and declared invalid.
Recertification audit
It is performed to renew the validity of the certificate at least 1 month before the certificate expires. After a successful recertification audit, the company will be issued a new certificate for another 3-year period.