ISO 45001

Occupational health and safety management system 
The ISO 45001 standard is an international standard for the occupational health and safety management system, which replaces the previous occupational health and safety management system - OHSAS 18001: 2007. The purpose of ISO 45001 is to harmonize with national standards in order to reduce ambiguous requirements and increase consistency. The original intention remains the same, to create safer working conditions for all.

   The benefits of implementing and certifying a standard for organizations
• Eliminate or minimize risks for all its employees and other stakeholders whose activities are associated with health and safety risks
• Maintain and improve the health and safety system
• Create mechanisms that make it possible to identify weaknesses in the company in terms of health and safety requirements
• Systematically meet legislative requirements in the field of occupational safety and health
• Demonstrate compliance with ISO 45001

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