Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)
The system of HACCP critical points ensures a preventive and systematic approach to the timely identification of food hazards and to the prevention of their occurrence. Consistent application significantly reduces not only health risks, but also economic losses in production. The system of critical points focuses on key factors that affect the safety and health of food throughout the food chain from raw material processing to sale. It is governed by the Bulletin of the Ministry of Agriculture 2/2010
The benefits of implementing and certifying a standard for an organization
• Demonstration of the suitability, efficiency and effectiveness of the established system of critical points by an independent third party
• Improving the management system, improving the organizational structure of the organization
• Improve order and increase efficiency throughout the organization
• Cost optimization - reduction of operating costs, reduction of costs for non-conforming products, savings of raw materials, energy and other resources
• Reduction of economic losses in relation to labeling, filling accuracy, weighing, etc.
• Increase public and regulatory confidence

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